The Ultimate Guide to the B2B Digital Shelf

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The Ultimate Guide to the B2B Digital Shelf

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Access the most informative eBook for manufacturers, distributors and retailers within the B2B scape.

Written with industry experts including BigCommerce, Start with Data and JMango360, our eBook offers insight into the importance of the Digital Shelf and guidance on how to optimize your operations in order to succeed in the changing B2B market.

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  • • Key trends in B2B buyer behavior in 2023
  • • How to evaluate the digital maturity of your business with an audit 
  • • How you can create a plan to utilize leading technologies to provide a superior product experience and drive more sales
  • • How you can outperform your competitors and win the Digital Shelf

Chapter List

  • What is the B2B Digital Shelf? 
  • The Challenges for B2B Businesses in 2023
  • Digital Maturity Audit
  • The Role of Product Experience
  • How Technology Can Optimize the B2B Product Experience
  • Introduction to PXM Tools
  • Proven Strategies for Data Preparation
Chapter List
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